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One’s First Big Dinner

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One had been very excited to make her first big dinner and she wanted to make it for her grandparents. She picked all the recipes herself. Dad used his own recipe for the fries. In the end, everything turned out fantastic and we all had a great meal. Although it was a bit of struggle, One managed to stick with it and got all of the prep work done: with some help from mom and dad of coarse. The only change we made to the burgers was that we did them on the grill as opposed to the oven. And we all loved the pesto spread. Definitely a nice twist. We baked the hand cut fries with a bit of EVOO and some salt.

For desert, we made some of Matilda Ramsay’s Ramsay Whoopies. However, we decided to go with an English toffee caramel ice cream. It was still good, but I think think the ice cream made it a little too sweet. I think we will just stick with a nice vanilla in in the future. Regardless, They were definitely a nice end to the meal.